Women's orgasms are even more fascinating than we fathomed

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Written by Yella Hewings-Martin, Ph. But how do you keep the spark alive? Sex is a key factor in most romantic relationships. But last week, a new study showed that 34 percent of women and 15 percent of men who had lived with their partner for at least 1 year had lost interest in sex. There are many factors that can affect sexual desire. Find out how much sex has the greatest effect on happiness, why some people lose interest, and what factors contribute to long-term sexual satisfaction. How much sex is enough? In a paperAmy Muise, Ph. Is the pressure of having frequent sex getting in the way of happiness?

Adhere 1. Lifestyle design is, afterwards all, about a lot add than work. And if everything below shocks or appalls you, please ask yourself: why does this make me so uncomfortable? Dig into the discomfort. Looking inward before lashing outward is good for the world. At once, on to the taboo.

The sex is amazing — as of start to finish, I air better than I ever did even in the best moments with my ex. And all the rage the most intense moments? He makes me see stars. He is a very generous aficionado — he turns me arrange like crazy and I commonly come while sexting with him. But I have yet en route for have an orgasm with him.

Accordingly when this system is not properly functioning, your sexual answer can be impacted. What be able to I do to improve sexual functioning and intimacy? Try your best to be as ajar as possible when speaking a propos all aspects of your common sense injury, including your sexual issues. Plan and prepare for sexual activities 1,2 Plan sexual activities for when you have the most energy and are a lesser amount of tired Limit distractions in the environment for example, set ahead a quiet room with imperfect background noise Create a calm and sensual environment for case, light candles or have a warm bath together beforehand Adjourn hydrated before and after femininity Pay attention to your amount position during sex 1,2 After having sex, position yourself accordingly that you are not causing pain or dizziness. If you are having balance issues, arrange yourself to avoid falling before exacerbating the symptoms. Additionally, aim initiating sexual activity with foreplay, which can help psychologically after that physically prepare you for femininity.

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