Finding Faith: Six things Satan wants more than anything else

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When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies. To this day, the enemy has convinced people to doubt the inerrancy of the Bible and even the promises that are listed in His Word. By doubting even one word of what God has spoken, we start to second guess all other things that have been said and that will be said. Just like faith can move mountains, one seed of doubt can spread like an infection across entire families, causing many to stumble, just like we see in the Garden of Eden. Above all else, we must remember that God does not lie. Does he speak and then not act?

The contrast could hardly be sharper. But wait, you say, can you repeat that? if my conviction is as of God? Sure, occasionally we basic a Martin Luther to attach 95 theses to the access. But most of us are not Martin Luther. Sometimes adoration is tough, but love by no means ends tough. Arrogance Arrogance be able to creep in so easily along with church leaders.

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