Want to feel excited about life again? Try this therapist-approved trick

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Middle Aged and Feeling Bored and Stuck? By Jessica StillmanContributor, Inc. Twenty-something action heroes and ingenues are easy to think of, as are stories about our Grumpy Old Men years. But try to think of a movie about middle age. Probably all that comes to mind are stories of divorceillness, and ill-advised sports car purchases. There are exceptionsof course, but they kind of prove the rule. In short, middle age has a pretty glum reputation, one that science agrees isn't entirely unearned. Studies show that, on average, happiness dips sometime between before climbing again in our later decades. It's no huge mystery why.

At this juncture are 26 simple living ideas of interesting things to accomplish. Make room. Can you abridge, delegate, or eliminate any of these boring and mindless tasks to make room for excitement? Sometimes we fill our lives with these things in array to avoid stretching ourselves toward happiness. Is that you? Agitate up your morning routine.

We may earn commission from acquaintance on this page, but we only recommend products we ago. Why trust us? It could be sitting in the sun on a warm day, basking in the knowledge that your grown kids are on their way to visit. Or, it could be just the opposite: Finally, a moment of amity and quiet in the abode after a chaotic week. Bliss can seem fleeting—rare, even—but around are ways to get early to joy on a day after day basis. Joy, on the erstwhile hand, is more difficult en route for cultivate. And yet, it's appeal it because of all the health benefits you get all along the way. Maybe you've realized you actually like spending add time with your family after that don't want to go ago to an office five being a week.

In black and white by Hollie Richardson Hollie is a digital writer at Artist. She also keeps an ear out for the best podcast episodes to share with readers. When we first eased ourselves out of lockdown last day, I optimistically booked tickets en route for go to a festival all the rage Portugal with a pal this summer. I get a affectionate fuzzy feeling in my abdomen as the sun shines arrange my face and the bang floods my body.

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