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Add your rating See all 4 kid reviews. What's the story? Her doctor has gotten their hopes up about an experimental new drug, but when it's suddenly pulled from the market, Amanda's chances grow slimmer and she passes away. Stricken with grief, Ray investigates the pharmaceutical company that forced the new drug off the market, and he vows revenge. When he and Rachel are viciously attacked as they meet with a journalist who says he has information proving the company's corruption, they set out on a journey to discover the truth and avenge Amanda's death. Continue reading Show less Is it any good? There's plenty of physical action here from Jason Momoa and young costar Isabela Merced, but their thinly-developed characters and an even slighter plot line undermine this film's reach. The concept of exploring the complicated American landscape of national politics, global pharmaceutical companies, and overpriced health care in Sweet Girl had a lot of potential. But the unraveling mystery is much more focused on the chase and violent fight scenes, which get replayed in a twist at the end, rather than the ideas.

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