The Best Condoms

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Because men who perceive greater disadvantages of condom use may be more likely to resist using them, we also explored the tactics that men employ to avoid using condoms. As expected, participants reported advantages and disadvantages to condom use that pertained to the likelihood and quality of sex, physical sensations during intercourse, and the risk of STIs and unwanted pregnancies. Additionally, participants reported that men use a wide range of condom use resistance tactics - including seduction, deception, and condom sabotage — and that the use of these tactics is viewed as normative behavior for men their age. Correct and consistent condom use can greatly reduce the risks of STI transmission and unplanned pregnancies; however, the majority of young men and women report inconsistent condom use despite these risks CDC,

The catch? For an update en route for this guide, we recruited eight panel testers to try these custom-fit condoms. Most were content and said they would array them again. Before committing en route for an order, customers can appeal a free sample kit so as to offers a condom in their measured size, plus one a size up and one a size down, in case the measurements are off.

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