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Inform students of course requirements 1. Orchestrate positive first impressions First impressions can be long-lasting, and they are usually based on a thin slice of behavior. Before you even start teaching, your students will have already made some decisions about you, so it is important to understand what those impressions are based on and how to manage them. Your attire. Research shows that clothing affects several kinds of judgments people make, including but not limited to, credibility, likability, dominance, kindness, and empathy Raiscot, ; Morris et al. More formal attire communicates expertise and confidence, less formal attire communicates approachability.

Turnitin blog posts, delivered straight en route for your inbox. How will so as to inform your behavior? Your clairvoyant state? A sense of belonging is a basic human basic, just like the need designed for food and shelter. It enables the ability to see amount in life and to deal with with challenges. A sense of belonging makes us feel akin to there is a community after us. It can make us feel relaxed and receptive after that motivated. Sound like a able state of mind for learning? It sure is.

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