Five Strategies of Successful Part-Time Work

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They have young children, want to get MBAs, need to care for aging parents. All too often, though, part-time work creates as many problems as it solves. In the best-case scenario, many part-timers end up working more hours than they intended. In the worst case, they see their importance to their organizations slowly but surely fade away. Now, though, after two generations have wrestled with such arrangements, some part-time professionals have found strategies that are succeeding. Notice that we say the part-time professionals themselves have found these solutions. The first is simple: overload. Making a part-time arrangement work takes time, energy, and creativity. Most executives, stressed already with too many day-to-day challenges to list here, see the design and maintenance of part-time work arrangements as just one more hassle.

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Accomplish you recall finding yourself all the rage the right place at the right time, giving someone a missing piece of information before introducing a colleague to a big cheese new? You also help others build their social capital after you go above and afar to support them with acquaintance, mentoring, or kindness. Social asset is also critical to a thriving workplace more broadly, designed for both employees and organizations. It helps knowledge and information arise. It spurs new ideas after that energizes our thinking. And it contributes to lower absenteeism, bring down turnover, and better organizational accomplishment The shift to remote act, however, has changed the character of social capital in organizations — and not necessarily designed for the better. While employees account more meetings than ever, they also report more isolation after that less connection. This year, teams across Microsoft including ours allow conducted over 50 studies en route for understand how the nature of work itself has changed as early

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