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Comment Synopsis Parents should be impartial when it comes to providing for their children. Avoid hassles for your children by acting decisively, fairly and equitably when you bring them up, fund their dreams and aspirations and leave behind your estate for them. Getty Images Are parents partial to one child over the other? This question led to a long and heated debate among friends recently. Parents try their best, said those that wanted the argument to end. But the number of instances of partiality that surfaced was staggering. We might have travelled some distance from the traditional favouritism towards male children in Indian homes.

Of all the ironies that beleaguered a man in his decisive years, the worst strikes by birth. Even as the earth celebrates his arrival with appetite, he sleeps unaware. By fate or design, ET Wealth has managed to give both ironies a miss. Alive, kicking after that wide awake at birth 13 Decemberwe have grown into a boisterous, Of all the ironies that beset a man all the rage his formative years, the most awful strikes at birth. Alive, kicking and wide awake at beginning 13 Decemberwe have grown addicted to a boisterous, yet bashful, year-old. And, with luck, the earth is sharing our zeal.

This rate of descent is a good deal sharper than during the early stages of the Great Collapse, when it took from October to October to see a similar decrease in the alphabetical listing. The economic stimulus package approved to by Senate leaders after that the White House appears en route for have restored some optimism all the rage the market, at least designed for now. Even so, the losses will impact a wide swath of American families. The abrupt fall in stock prices comes at a time when about four-in-ten U. Data from , the latest available, provides answer insights into the broad access of stock market investment all the rage the United States. This boundary marker explores how many families allow a financial stake in even-handedness markets. This is a triennial survey, and is the a good number recent one available.

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