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Life Lilly Saruga is usually a solo artist. She stood in the black box theatre at Heart of Riverdale, holding a bass guitar. Nearby were her bandmates, drummer Meg Gatien, 17, and keyboardist Kiawna Leas, The trio which goes by the name Miss Me With That Patriarchy, though The Missyfits was also a contender met through the weeklong summer camp, which started Aug 6. Girls Rock Camp is an international initiative that was founded in This is its first year in Whitehorse, and it drew 15 girls between the ages of nine and On the surface, the goal of Girls Rock Camp is to teach participants to make music, but they learn more than that. Communication for one, said Gatien. You have to learn to be open with complete strangers.

Photograph cred - effort--less Our thoughts change as we grow older. Obviously we don't have the same thoughts we had after we were children and teenagers. People move on. Girls all the rage their 20s have a actual interesting mindset. Our thoughts advance us to our actions. Denial one is saying every child is the same. However, the majority of women think comparable -- in other words, they think in a similar approach. When girls turn 20 they know it's time for a change. In fact, they are no longer girls, they are women.

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