Instagram’s Most Fascinating Subculture? Women Hunters.

Hunting for girls ready 54288

Amanda Caldwell takes aim. Women Hunters. Sep 8, A new school of social-media influencers are giving hunting a fresh and decidedly female face. Crowded into a booth at a Mexican restaurant in a small town near the edge of Tonto National Forest, swapping names and where-are-you-froms, we are a motley crew: two millennials wearing camouflage and eyelash extensions, an overalls-clad photographer who lives in an Airstream, and me, a San Francisco food writer soon to be out of her comfort zone. Our server, Penny, flower pen poised over her notepad, is confused. Four ladies hunting? What we have, I learn, is a late-season, last-minute, over-the-counter, nonresident, archery-only antlered-deer tag on public land. In other words, it will take serious luck to bag a buck in the next five days. But also serious skill, which these ladies definitely have.

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