13 Women Describe What Their Boyfriend’s Semen Tastes Like

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But, usually salty, bitter goo. Sometimes, if my man has been eating healthier, more fruits and vegetables, the bitterness goes away and is much less bitter. Either way, I try to not pay attention to the taste too much. Most men, especially in a relationship, are grateful and affectionate after getting a blowjob. That almost makes the taste irrelevant. Tastes like what I imagine a tablespoon of warm spit tastes like. With my ex, it kinda tasted like how coffee breath smells. I have had other pretty bad ones though.

It reminded me about the bite and feel of raw oysters, only a little more bland. I guess it turns them on. Sometimes very bitter, others are sweeter tasting. But a good number of the time there is always this lingering aftertaste of pennies in my mouth. Akin to really old pennies with an acidic taste to it. Although you kinda get used en route for it. And it always leaves this really awkward taste by the back of my gorge.

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Abridgment For most people, the bite of semen is mild after that inoffensive. People have described the flavor as bitter, slightly brackish, sweet, or metallic. There is no right or wrong approach to feel about semen. Also, some people may feel awkward about allowing a partner en route for taste their semen. Open announcement with a partner and calm mutual encouragement can help equally partners feel less worried a propos all bodily fluids, including semen. In this article, we analyse what semen typically tastes after that smells like, and what gives it this taste.

Women's Health may earn commission as of the links on this bleep, but we only feature products we believe in. Why assign us? Jun 4, Shutterstock It's the question that crosses all woman's mind as soon at the same time as she gives her first blowjob: How can a man accomplish his semen or to be technical about it, his cry taste better? Unfortunately, science hasn't cracked that code quite but. We know, kind of bizarre that inwhen we can career across the world in above ground tin cans and send electronic messages in seconds, there's allay no groundbreaking way to air out up his spunk.

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