A Serious Man

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We're going to be fine Receive with simplicity everything that happens to you. Larry's wife Judith astounds him with her announcement she intends to divorce him in favor of the more distinguished widower Sy Ableman; son Danny, whose Bar Mizvah approaches, smokes weed while he pretends to study; whiny daughter Sarah sneaks money from his wallet to save up for a nose job so she can look less Jewish. At the college, his student Clive Park attempts to bribe him for a passing grade — and Mr. Park threatens to sue him for defamation should he report it. He is kicked out of his own house and forced to live in a crummy motel with his sickly and eccentric brother Arthur. Oh, and someone's been writing anonymous letters to his university warning them not to grant Larry tenure.

Their Oscar-winning Best Picture from , an adaptation of novelist Cormac McCarthy's No Country for Aged Men , was the brothers' most serious and somber big screen, and also one of their best. It seriously wrestles along with evil in the modern world—something that even the most exciting earlier Coen stories fail en route for engage with appropriate depth. Designed for instance, the finale of the brothers' Barton Fink strongly points to a form of devout chaos at the heart of the story, but the big screen never offers a serious analysis of Fink's malaise. Instead, the life of the mind takes center stage, and enough crank characters keep the story affecting amusingly along, until a absolute, fiery encounter that forces Fink to confront the effects of his self-absorption. A Serious Be in charge of, the new film written after that directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, is also about the life of the mind, although in this case, the attend to of Larry Gopnik, the film's protagonist, is haunted by devout questions to which he seeks specific answers. The film is one of the Coens' best efforts outside No Country designed for Old Men, explicitly addressing akin religious questions and issues although adding a serious dose of the Coens' trademark humor. The story keeps viewers chuckling await the film's sudden, ominous assumption.

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