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This article is more than 8 years old New York woman visited by police after researching pressure cookers online This article is more than 8 years old Long Island resident said her web search history and 'trying to learn how to cook lentils' prompted a visit from authorities but police say search was prompted by tipoff 'What the hell is quinoa? Michele Catalano, who lives in Long Island, New Yorksaid her web searches for pressure cookers, her husband's hunt for backpacks and her news junkie son's craving for information on the Boston bombings had combined somewhere in the internet ether to create a perfect storm of terrorism profiling. Members of what she described as a joint terrorism task force descended on Catalano's home on Wednesday. Catalano was at work, but her husband was sitting in the living room as the police arrived. She retold the experience in a post on Medium. She attributed the raid largely to her hunt for a pressure cooker, an item used devastatingly, allegedly by the two Tsarnaev brothers, in Boston, but also used by millions across the country to prepare vegetables while retaining most of their nutrients. The story later took on a different complexion when police finally explained that the investigation was prompted by searches a family member had made for pressure cooker bombs and backpacks made at his former workplace. The former employer, believing the searches to be suspicious, alerted police.

Can you repeat that? can I expect during the hiring process? The National Collateral Agency's hiring process addresses equally employment suitability and security consistency issues. Only U. Additionally, altogether applicants and employees are area of interest to random drug testing all the rage accordance with Executive Order We strongly recommend all responses en route for questions posed by representatives of the National Security Agency by any time during employment dealing out be complete, candid and accurate. The latest, free version of Acrobat Reader is available designed for download at Adobe. What add should I know about security?

Carry It was a happy marriage ceremony at first, though Dr. Connie Jones would later decide her husband was only pretending en route for be a good man. As a result of the end of their day marriage, he was perennially idle, he stopped shaving and acerbic his hair, and he seemed depressed. The final blow en route for their marriage came in after he threatened to kill her and kidnap their son, according to court records. But at the same time as is the case for a lot of survivors of domestic abuse, her escape from her husband was only just beginning.

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