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We share tips for staying in touch with old friends, making new ones and having a happy social life. It may take a bit more planning, but it can be a great time to strengthen relationships with old friends and build new friendships too. Hitting the town… with a bump! This can be a good time to see friends and make the most of your time before a newborn arrives. You might still enjoy the atmosphere and music in bars, just with an earlier night at the end. Tell them that you still want to hang out and spend time together. Some mums-to-be get a tentative date in the diary for a big meet-up several months after baby is born — so they and their friends have something to look forward to while navigating the new dynamics a little one brings. One mum said: Me and my friend made sure we had one last fun day together before each of our babies were born, including a nice lunch and a massage.

As of getting all the exams en route for talking about family history, a shy person can want en route for fade into the walls. Although things get a lot inferior when she has to address about the symptoms that moms go through when they are having a baby. Appointments are filled with discussions on altogether the things that are actual private and a little awkward — mom and dad's clandestine time, her system's regular functions, smells, private areas and the things that are from everyone's teenage nightmares. Who wants en route for admit that they can't ban burping, much less ask the doctor about discharge and bathroom problems?

Ancestor I'm very pregnant - after that people are unbelievably rude en route for me! Why do complete strangers feel entitled to comment arrange the size of heavily charged women, wonders Viv Groskop, who is due to give beginning Viv Groskop with her two children, expecting her third. Absolutely it must be about en route for come out? And me along with seven weeks to go await my due date. The bring into disrepute of it.

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