Rising Share of U.S. Adults Are Living Without a Spouse or Partner

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Abstract Background Cultural and religious norms and expectations may influence the needs and behavior of single women. This is particularly true in those countries where religion and cultural expectations are salient in everyday life. In this context, the present study investigated the needs and concerns of Iranian never-married women aged 35 and older. Interviews were done with 23 never-married women aged 36—64 years in Iran. Results A total of codes, 22 subcategories, 8 categories, and 3 themes were extracted from the interviews. The 3 themes were: 1 mental-spiritual lack; categories were lack of emotional support, uncertain future, mental rumination, and sexual worries; 2 reform of culture and society; categories were an adverse effect of culture and being overlooked in society; 3 loneliness arising from disability; categories were aging and loneliness and sickness and loneliness.

Courier The 21st century is the age of living single. At present, the number of single adults in the U. More are staying single for life. The ascendancy of single living has left some in a alarm. But instead of fretting, perhaps we should celebrate. This craze has the chance to redefine the traditional meaning — after that confines — of home, ancestor and community.

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Marriages today are more stable, thanks to the steady decline of divorce rates since the s. At the same time, but, a declining share of Americans marry. Census data. With the Covid stay-at-home order, and the financial fallout from the bubonic plague, we are most likely en route for see the share of never-married adults break new records all the rage the near future. Young adults have taken their time en route for enter marriage. The median become old for first-time marriages today is 28 for women and 30 for men. Back inAmericans as a rule got married in their ahead of schedule 20s. Also, young adults at present often live with their affiliate before getting married. Cohabitation is seen as an alternative active arrangement for couples, even but they do not plan en route for get married.

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