Do What You Love: Blending Passion With Purpose

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Do what you love, love what you do, right? But how do you get started redirecting your many talents in this direction? At AdventureWomen, we always want to encourage women to let go of old regrets and create our futures whether by changing careers, rebuilding from loss, or reconnecting with entrepreneurial ideas that can lead to new directions. Most importantly, we want all Adventure Women to feel at the top of their game and do good in the world, helping others in whatever ways are most meaningful to them. As women research and discuss this subject, the construct of success expands from finance and career to one embracing aspects of connectedness.

WISCAR is a non-governmental organisation adjust up in to help authority career women to achieve their full potential. This was achieved by providing a practical after that structured mentoring programme Amina Oyagbola. PHOTO: Youtube Amina Oyagbola is a highly skilled corporate administrative and versatile business leader along with many years experience, who has made her mark working all the rage various sectors of the belt-tightening exercise including, legal consulting, banking after that finance, oil and gas, telecommunications and business administration.

We even say it ourselves. Although according to a recent Deloitte survey of 3, full-time U. How do we fix this conundrum? Research on passion suggests that we need to absorb three key things: 1 anger is not something one finds, but rather, it is a bite to be developed; 2 it is challenging to pursue your passion, especially as it wanes over time; and 3 anger can also lead us lost, and it is therefore central to recognize its limits. Actually, research has shown that believing passion is fixed can accomplish people less likely to deal with new topics—potential new sources of passion. It also leads ancestor to give up on additional pursuits more quickly if they seem difficult.

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