Student Misconduct

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Student Misconduct Academic Misconduct Information for Students Academic integrity is essential to maintaining an environment that fosters excellence in teaching, research, and other educational and scholarly activities. Thus, students are expected to complete all academic and scholarly assignments with fairness and honesty. By university rule, an instructor must report any suspected instance of academic misconduct to the Committee on Academic Misconduct COAM. A review panel of the committee will investigate the charges, decide whether or not a violation has occurred, and if the panel finds there has been an offense, determine an appropriate penalty. The acquisition and development of knowledge and skills are fundamental to a university education—part of what an Ohio State diploma certifies—and those goals are undermined by academic misconduct. Less intentional behavior may involve inadequate acknowledgement of the sources you used in writing a paper or take-home exam. Grades on assignments and in courses for which you have not completed your own work cheats students in the class who did the work themselves and will cheat a future employer, who will assume you have earned the degree you were awarded, that you have learned the knowledge and skills to which a degree should attest. To get real value from your courses, do your own work and focus on learning rather than merely completing the assignment to collect points. Students who admit to the charges can choose to have an administrative decision to determine appropriate sanctions, but any student charged has the right to a hearing before a panel of faculty and student representatives.

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