Celebrities Who Speak Spanish as a Second Language

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Spanish Language Expert B. There are plenty of famous folks who grew up with Spanish as a first language and have crossed over into English-language stardom, but there are some Spanish-speaking actors and famed individuals who had to learn the language like the rest of us. Although not everyone claims to be fluent, here are some celebrities you may recognize who have worked to gain some Spanish skills. Actors Ben Affleck and his younger brother Casey Affleck learned Spanish while living in Mexico and during film stints in that country. Poet Maya Angelou — traveled extensively during her adult life. According to her official website, Angelou voraciously read and studied; she was able to master French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, and Fanti a language of western Africa. Baseball manager Dusty Baker speaks Spanish fluently.

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Relationships 20 Celebs who have oral up about being told they're not Latina enough This clause originally appeared on Cosmopolitan. Hollywood would have you believe so as to we all have curves akin to Sofia Vergara, perfectly caramel-colored casing like Eva Mendes, and ball like Shakira, and alas, I'm here to tell you it's not true. Here, 10 myths that just won't die. We're all teen moms. Some of us had mothers who wouldn't even let us date await we were almost out of high school love you, momma! The Latino community has been known en route for allow high standards when it comes to our celebrities. There has been a long history of fans body harsh on Latina stars and allow even questioned their cultural identity. A a small amount of celebs have been told they're not Latina enough simply as of the type of composition they sing, their lack of expertise when it comes en route for the Spanish language and continual some based on certain animal features. There seems to be this acute misconception that altogether Latinas look, address and act the same.

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